Currently on tap:

Currently we are tapping the 1236th beer since opening in 2005.


Blackout 16°

Stout (Pivovar Volt, Jablonec nad Nisou)


Benedict Tmavý ležák 11°

Tmavý ležák (Břevnovský klášterní pivovar sv. Vojtěcha, Praha)



Benedict 14°

White IPA (Břevnovský klášterní pivovar sv. Vojtěcha)


Břevnovský Benedict 12,5°

Světlý ležák (Břevnovský klášterní pivovar sv. Vojtěcha)


Pšenice 12°

Pšeničné (Pivovar Zichovec)

Restaurant and beer boutique Pivovarský klub

There are many places where they offer hundreds of different kinds of food and just one beer. We have established this restaurant where you can have hundreds of beers to choose from. We offer min. 240 kinds of beer in bottles + 6 beers on tap. We serve traditional homey Czech cuisine + various kinds of meat from the oven and grill including cangaroo and ostrich. Our permanent menu is supplemented with three lunch specials on workdays for just CZK 125.